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A tympanum is a triangular area within a pediment. It is historically decorated with sculptures that honor signicant events. Referencing this structure, a series of eight steel works that comprise the Warrior Tympanum were created.

Concepts behind Warrior Tympanum:
The historical event that occurred on October 17, 1967 when a battalion of 155 American soldiers fought against 1500 Viet Cong and were ambushed in the Battle of Ong Than in Viet Nam. Of the 155 soldiers, 59 were killed and 75 were wounded.The images of the sculptures portray the destructive impact of that battle.

My personal medical encounter.

While it is necessary to have the strategic capability of an armed force to insure the safety and freedom of our country, we must also recognize that there is a long term cost incurred on our sons and daughters as they return from war, maimed, injured and suffering from PTSD.

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